Gain the services of a fully functioning finance team, for the cost of hiring a part-time bookkeeper on minimum wage.

We agree this is a bold statement to make, but it is one we are proud to make.

As your business grows, the requirements of your finance team expand. Paying staff, sorting pensions, preparing VAT, chasing overdue debtors, all take up precious time in your working day. Time that could be better spent on more productive activities.

For many small businesses, the next step is to hire a part-time bookkeeper to take over the finance function. However, this is another employee to find a desk for, more holiday request to juggle etc etc etc.

At Consortio our outsourcing service offers an alternative approach. Let us take over managing your finance function. We have a proven track record of helping clients by providing a suite of services to leave you time to run your business. All backed up by the support of a team with more than 20 years commercial experience advising small businesses like yours.

We can provide as much or as little support as you require to match your budget and your business needs. And using the benefit of Cloud technology we don’t even need to be in your office. 

Contact us now to learn more about how our outsourcing service can save you time and money and add real value to your business.